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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Gwendolyn Jeffries

    My name is Gwendolyn Jeffries. I live in Greensboro, Alabama located in Hale County. I have one daughter who recently graduated from Stillman College and is teaching the sixth grade. The past two years I taught special education in Hale County. I was blessed to have the multi-handicap class. I really enjoyed working with this population of students. I am presently unemployed because I did not pass the Praxis. Although it left me without a job, I am still not in a hurry to take it again. My personal feelings about the test which I don’t like to share with others because they are my feelings is that the test is intimidating. Education is not my first career choice. I worked in the mental health field for 12 years and became burned out. I gradually started thinking about a career change in 2004 and took the change in 2006. I have a masters in counseling/psychology. I do plan to take the test again, but not at this point.

  2. Deborah Y. Sommerville

    Reminder: I did this last week!
    I am Deborah Y. Sommerville. I am a full-time graduate at The University of West Alabama. I enrolled in this class because I wanted to know more about planning a curriculum. When we met, I thought it was interesting that we will be doing group projects and papers. However, I look forward to working with my classmates and getting this done on time! I am hoping that our first test will not be too hard. There is a lot in these chapters. I thank you, Dr. Fowler for the study sheets for each test.

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